Icons from the World of Science

An account of the work of Indian Scientists
by S.Ananthanarayanan

published by Penguin (India) in Jan 2004

During the nineteenth and early twentieth centures, India surged into the modern world
with scientific contributions of the highest importance in diverse fields. Today, this work is a part of
our common scientific awarerness but the individual contributions of the scientists are perhaps not so
well known. The pages that follow are short accounts of the work of ten Indian scientists who rank
among the most influential in their respective areas. It is striking that at a time when India was
hardly developed in technology, the work done in science was at the frontiers of knowledge.


1. Jagdish Chandra Bose

2. Srinavasa Ramanunan

3. C V Raman

4. Satyendranath Bose

5. Meghnad Saha

6. S. Chandrashekhar

7. Homi Bhabha

8. Hargobind Khorana

9. E C George Sudarshan

10. Jayant Narlikar


1. The Tribune, Chandigarh

2. Deccan Herald, Bengaluru

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